Massive US Internet Outage Causing Canadians Issues

Why is my service buffering?

There is a major internet issue in Southern Ontario and Quebec. A router in North America has been disabled and all traffic has been redirected. Due to this Toronto and Montreal routers are overloaded causing packet drops. You will not see any issues with speed when you run a speed test, this effects latency and packet drops.
This is not the first time something like this has happened, however this one is BIG causing complete internet outages in Ontario and Quebec in certain cities.

This is a bigger issue then we first thought. A Cox Communications Fiber trunk in the US has been cut causing massive outages all over the USA, sometimes there are thousands of fiber lines coming from 1 trunk.

What is a packet?

Think of a packet like a transport truck on a highway with Amazon goodies on it, let's say you ordered 4 puzzle pieces to create a finished puzzle. Each puzzle piece is in a different transport truck. 3 out of 4 piece arrive on time but the 4th got lost somewhere. The transport truck was is a collision and the puzzle piece is now delayed or lost. So now you have a 4 piece puzzle with only 3 pieces, the puzzle piece gets resent once the sender realizes the puzzle piece has been lost in transit. This causes what is know as latency or delays. Imagine Highway 401 on a beautiful sunny day when everything is running smoothly, now imagine the 401 after a massive ice storm with traffic collisions and accidents causing slowdowns.

What is Latency?

Latency is how quickly your data gets delivered to you after you request it. A system that is working correctly should have a round trip time within 1-5 milli-seconds while in this case as we are currently experiencing issues the Average is over 100ms which is no good. 

When can we expect the issue to be resolved?

Because this is not an issue with our services and it is a major issue, Cox Communication technicians have been working on the issue through their holidays. We have already seen substantial improvements in latency and the issues should be corrected this week.

We appreciate your patience while the issue is being resolved!
Thank you for understanding

- Fierce Gorilla


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