Don't Need Live TV?


Our new Video On Demand only service is now available!


We have just launched a new service that uses a multi-platform application named Emby. The most convenient platform would be a device that is easily connected to a television such as a Formuler Android device, generic android devices and other platforms such as Xbox One and Windows PC, Smart TV's such as Samsung and LG are usable as well. With a simple application download though the App store for each mentioned device you will get access to nearly 10,000 movies and 1,500 shows. Featuring full 4k content and 1080p as well as older movies and tv shows that are in a standard definition such as 480p.

With a very easy to navigate interface much like Netflix, Emby provides a user friendly experience that requires little to no tech knowledge at all. For a small fee that is less then the growing price of Netflix you get much more content to choose from. Click HERE to learn more about our new service!


Massive US Internet Outage Causing Canadians Issues

Why is my service buffering?

There is a major internet issue in Southern Ontario and Quebec. A router in North America has been disabled and all traffic has been redirected. Due to this Toronto and Montreal routers are overloaded causing packet drops. You will not see any issues with speed when you run a speed test, this effects latency and packet drops.This is not the first time something like this has happened, however this one is BIG causing complete internet outages in Ontario and Quebec in certain cities.

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